Broken Memories
Broken Memories
Who is Jamie?

Just over five years ago, Jamie Miller was holding down a job at a call center in his hometown and secretly harboring dreams of making his name as a pop artist. Since first introducing the world to his phenomenal vocal talents, the Wales-born singer/songwriter has achieved meteoric success—including over 460 million global streams and more than 210 million official YouTube views to date—while winning the admiration of superstars like Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Sam Smith, and Jennifer Hudson. But for the Los Angeles-based 24-year-old, one of the most monumental triumphs so far lies in the making of his breakthrough single “Here’s Your Perfect”: an April 2021 release that spent a staggering 13 weeks on Billboard’s Global Excl. U.S. chart, surpassed 380 million global streams, earned 90 million YouTube views, and received acclaim from major outlets like Rolling Stone on the strength of Miller’s fearlessly confessional songwriting and warm yet commanding vocal work.

“‘Here’s Your Perfect’ is special to me because it’s the first song I ever wrote—I’d gotten to the point where I wanted people to know the real me instead of this idea they’d created based on songs I’d released but hadn’t actually written,” explains Miller, who co-penned the heart-on-sleeve ballad with hitmakers like Gian Stone (Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry). “Here’s Your Perfect” finds Miller looking back on a devastating breakup, delivering each soul-baring lyric with undeniable conviction. “I wrote that song after getting cheated on by an ex-girlfriend,” he reveals. “I was in a really bad headspace at the time, but I somehow found a way to turn the pain into beauty.”

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